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RE: Library logos for web resources

At 7:48 PM -0500 3/2/00, Keyhani,Andrea wrote: 
>In response to requests from many users of the FirstSearch service, OCLC
>has added an option for libraries to add their own institution's logo to
>user interface screens in the new version of FirstSearch.

I have been looking at this, and it is a good step in the right direction.  
I only have two problems with OCLC's implementation - one real and one
potential (unsure since we have not implemented it yet):

1 - Our Library does not have a logo of its own, so we may end up having
to create a graphic containing the text of the Library's name - plain text
would be much simpler.  On the other hand, we could decide to use our
University logo.

2 - In OCLC's model, the graphic will be retrieved from our local server,
while all other content will be retrieved from OCLC's server, 10,000 miles
and many 'hops' across the world.  We need to make sure this will not add
a significant amount to the response time of the service.

Edward Spodick 

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