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RE: Cambridge Journals Online

Thank you all for the various comments about our earlier posting
concerning access to Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) and our online
services in general.

When we initiated the CJO service in 1997 we built it on an access model
which, while current at the time, has not met the needs or desires of the
library community. We agree that Domain and IP verification as the only
check on access for institutional users is optimal.  However, it is no
simple task to change the code of an existing complex system.

Over the summer of 1999 we initiated an internal review of our service
which led to the decision for Cambridge to continue offering online
publishing services itself, the creation of a full technical requirement
specification, and the selection of a preferred future partner with the
objective of implementing a new Cambridge system in the summer of 2000.

The Domain/IP-only access control mechanism for institutional users is a
cornerstone of this technical specification. The recent interim step --
moving the need to enter username and password to the level of full text
access within the site, allowing unqueried navigation to abstract level --
was as far we we could go without a total rewrite of the current system.

More information regarding our new system will be forthcoming shortly.


Susan Soule
Journals Marketing Manager
Cambridge University Press - North American Branch