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RE: Library logos for web resources

In response to last week's discussion CatchWord is enhancing the
options for library branding on its website.

Any registered library accessing CatchWord has always been able
to see their institution's name in the title bar of their web
browser.  As an additional feature all of the journal issues to
which a library subscribes on CatchWord are currently flagged
with a "Subs" button, indicating that the access has been set up
by the library and is not simply a free resource.

As of next week these features will be more prominent.  On the
page that lists the available issues of each journal the user
will see text explaining that "you have subscription access
courtesy of *library name*."

We will also be giving libraries the option of adding their
institution's logo to this page, together with a link to their
library web pages.

The text feature will appear for all registered institutions; the
logo and link are an option that can be implemented by the
librarian, if required, by using the "Alter Registration" page at
www.catchword.com/regalter.htm from Monday February 21st.

Kirsty Meddings
Library Liaison Officer
CatchWord Ltd
Tel: +44 (0)1235 555877
Fax: +44 (0)1235 536500