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Santa Fe Convention-an update

>From Herbert Van de Sompel for liblicense-l:

The Sante Fe Convention for the Open Archives initiative was officially
released on February 15th 2000.  The convention, a blueprint for
the interoperability of e-print archives, can be found at:


The Convention is the concrete result of the Santa Fe meeting of the Open
Archives initiative [http://www.openarchives.org] of which -- untill now
-- only the press release had been available at:

The Santa Fe convention presents a technical and organizational framework
designed to facilitate the discovery of content stored in distributed
e-print archives. It makes easy-to-implement technical recommendations for
archives that -- when implemented -- will allow data from e-print archives
to become widely available via its inclusion in a variety of end-user
services. In addition, the convention introduces an organizational
framework for making information available about archives that adhere to
the technical recommendations of the convention -- the data providers --
and about trusted parties that build end-user services for data
originating from such archives -- the service providers. As such it
provides a communication mechanism between providers of data and providers
of services and creates a community of open archives.

Parallel with the release of the convention, two companion papers appear
in the February issue of D-Lib Magazine:

Herbert Van de Sompel and Carl Lagoze. The Santa Fe Convention of the
Open Archives Initiative.

Herbert Van de Sompel, Thomas Krichel, Michael Nelson et al. The UPS
Prototype: An Experimental End-User Service across E-Print Archives.