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PubMed Central Update.

According to the new issue of British Medical Journal

So far, seven organisations have signalled their participation in PubMed
Central, of which only three publish original scientific material. The
publishers of Molecular Biology of the Cell (www.molbiolcell.org) have
offered its content, with a two month delay, on an experimental basis.
They "strongly support the ultimate goal of barrier-free access."


for full news release (aug. 31st) from Varmus, et. al.  see:

PubMed Central:
An NIH-Operated Site for Electronic Distribution of Life Sciences
Research Reports

     In the four months since we proposed E-biomed - a system that would
make results from the world's life sciences research community freely
available on the Internet - we have heard from hundreds of people and have
had discussions with dozens of interested organizations. Whether they
support or oppose the proposal, these commentators have made valuable
suggestions, many of which have been incorporated into this statement.

..We now invite the scientific community to engage in this exciting new
venture. We plan to be ready to make reports accessible through PubMed
Central by January 2000. Publishers, societies, editorial boards and other
organizations interested in depositing content in PubMed Central are urged
to contact us at PubMedCentral@nih.gov.