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Re: SPARC and ACS (other views)

The information about "Plan B" is at


It just now took me quite a while to find it on their site, so I'm sending
my reply to the list because others may have had the same problem.
Furthermore, thats plan B for 1999. For 2000 the terms have improved (it's
now 15% not 25% and there may be other improvements. The only information
I have on that is from their _printed_ catalog of journals for 2000, just
received here last week. This is not the only publisher for which there is
great difficulty getting current subscription prices and information on
the web.

David Goodman, Princeton University Biology
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On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, B.E. Swetman wrote:

> At 02:42 AM 9/15/99 EDT, you wrote:
> >I have received a number of comments on and off the list about my note. 
> >
> >I apparently did not make sufficiently clear that there is another option
> >in ACS ejournal pricing, besides the individual rates that I commented on:
> >
> >> "Subscription Option B, Web Editions with all current subscriptions"
> >> allows institutions agreeing to retain their current print
> >> subscription to obtain an organization-wide Web edition license.
> >> Beginning in 2000, the fee for this license is only an additional 15%
> >> (reduced from 25% > in 1999) of the rates for ACS print journals in a
> >> library's collection that are selected to be received as Web editions,
> >> Larger organizations can include multiple locations...
> I have looked in vain at the acs web site for a description of this and
> any other options. Where can I find a list of the various options and
> their cost?
> Thanks,
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