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Re: SPARC and ACS (other views)

At 02:42 AM 9/15/99 EDT, you wrote:
>I have received a number of comments on and off the list about my note. 
>I apparently did not make sufficiently clear that there is another option
>in ACS ejournal pricing, besides the individual rates that I commented on:
>> "Subscription Option B, Web Editions with all current subscriptions"
>> allows institutions agreeing to retain their current print
>> subscription to obtain an organization-wide Web edition license.
>> Beginning in 2000, the fee for this license is only an additional 15%
>> (reduced from 25% > in 1999) of the rates for ACS print journals in a
>> library's collection that are selected to be received as Web editions,
>> Larger organizations can include multiple locations...

I have looked in vain at the acs web site for a description of this and
any other options. Where can I find a list of the various options and
their cost?


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