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Re: educating users about use terms

Susan: at the Yale University Library, we are currently using the
following means to inform our users and we are working on two related

Backing up a little:  Yale's e-journals are cataloged and linked through
our online catalog, where possible.  (If the resource is licensed for Yale
community members only, then only our users will be able to click through
and link to the journal content.)  Secondly, our library's
subject/curatorial web pages also identify relevant titles and make links
to these. The subject pages are aimed at specific end-user groups.  And
third, and most relevant to this posting, is the other place where our
readers can find our list of ejournals. This is through a link on our
"Research Workstation."  The Research Workstation is the Library's most
commonly used launching place for the online search, at:


Once the reader gets to this searching-launch site, there are choices, and
one of those choice is "databases and electronic journals."  Clicking on
that will take the reader to:


Now, choose "Electronic Journals by title" and click on the "Info"
link, to get to an explanation of what appears on this site, and how/
why it does so, to get to:


On the left side, under menu options, click on "licensing information by
title" or "licensing information by vendor."  We selected 8 key permitted
uses (copy, download, ILL, partial ILL, sharing for scholarly purposes,
coursepack/reserves, print, walk-in use) and at this site we present the
key license terms to our readers.

This is a good resource but far from perfect, so we are working on two
other strategies, one of which will generate fuller information. The other
which will display the fully-scanned in license.  However, it is possible
that both of these enhancements will be presented in a staff-only mode.

We too are always looking for better ways to inform users and to
manage our licensing information, so ideas are welcome.

Ann Okerson
Associate University Librarian/Collections Development


On Fri, 16 Jul 1999, Susan J. Martin wrote:

> I am interested in knowing how libraries are informing their users of use
> terms in licenses.  For example : do you have links on the various web
> lists of electronic resources to license terms ;  are some terms in the
> cataloging record?  Included in "how to" guides for the product?  In
> library instruction classes, are licensing terms mentioned when a database
> is taught?  We here at UConn do some education, but would like to increase
> it.
> Any current practices, thoughts and comments are welcome. 
> Thank you in advance. 
> Susan Martin
> Acquisitions Librarian
> University of Connecticut Libraries
> Storrs  CT  06269
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