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Re: educating users about use terms

Susan Martin,

The Californai Digital Library links redacted (no business terms, no
names) of our licenses to our website "directory" of e journal titles.  
We place general notices in the directory that there are terms &
conditions with some examples and for more information, link to the
license.  The library instruction idea is good--I'm sure students know
little about intelletual property.

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At 05:46 PM 7/16/99 EDT, Susan J. Martin wrote:
>I am interested in knowing how libraries are informing their users of use
>terms in licenses.  For example : do you have links on the various web
>lists of electronic resources to license terms ;  are some terms in the
>cataloging record?  Included in "how to" guides for the product?  In
>library instruction classes, are licensing terms mentioned when a database
>is taught?  We here at UConn do some education, but would like to increase
>Any current practices, thoughts and comments are welcome. 
>Thank you in advance. 
>Susan Martin
>Acquisitions Librarian
>University of Connecticut Libraries