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Re: educating users about use terms

In some cases we have chosen to have a terms and conditions button that
patrons could click on.  Here, for example, is what a reader can click on
for Science Direct:


                                    Reference Tools & Indexes

                         ScienceDirect Terms and Conditions

A. Library patrons may search, view, and browse tables of contents,
bibliographic and similar data, and full text content; and may print
and/or download excerpts of reasonable quantity, provided that use of such
excerpts is personal, and does not amount to or result in commercial

B. Library patrons may not use the content for any of the following

     substantial or systematic reproduction;

     re-distribution, re-selling or sub-licensing in any manner including in
connection with fee-for-service use;

     systematic supply or distribution in any form to anyone other than
another member of the Columbia community;

     systematic or substantial retention of content so as to diminish or
potentially diminish the commercial value of

     to modify, adapt, transform, translate or create any derivative work
based on any materials or other content included in
     ScienceDirect, or to infringe the copyright or other proprietary rights



"Susan J. Martin" wrote:

> I am interested in knowing how libraries are informing their users of use
> terms in licenses.  For example : do you have links on the various web
> lists of electronic resources to license terms ;  are some terms in the
> cataloging record?  Included in "how to" guides for the product?  In
> library instruction classes, are licensing terms mentioned when a database
> is taught?  We here at UConn do some education, but would like to increase
> it.
> Any current practices, thoughts and comments are welcome.
> Thank you in advance.
> Susan Martin
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