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Re: Licensing Workshops

There will be two workshops about licensing issues at the 4th European
serials conference , which takes place in Manchester  the coming month,
12-14 April.

Librarian Kerstin Friden
Health Science Library
Linkoping University Library
University Hospital
Linkoping, Sweden
tel 013-223796
fax 013-221426

>At 17:49 1999-03-24 EST, you wrote:
>This workshop is also of great interest to European libraries. Does anyone
>know whether similar workshops are being given in Europe, or does ARL (or
>any other organization) have any plans of organizing workshops like this
>in Europe?
>Boy de Haas
>project manager                 Universiteit van Amsterdam
>phone: +31 20 5252061           University Library
>fax:   +31 20 5252311           Singel 425
>email: haas@uba.uva.nl          1012 WP Amsterdam, the Netherlands