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NELINET sign consortia agreement

(Apologies for cross-posting)

Dear List Members,

Thought this would be of interest to some of you:

March 17, 1999, Cambridge, MA

NELINET Academic Libraries go live as the result of signing the MCB
University Press 'Emeraldplus' Consortium Agreement: Access provided
throughout New England.


Yesterday, from the MCB University Press North American office in
Cambridge, MA, Claire Ginn announced that a three-year consortium
agreement with NELINET has been activated. With the completion and signing
of this agreement, NELINET joins AMIGOS as an MCB Consortium Partner.
NELINET participating member libraries will now receive electronic access
to the full-text of 117 academic journals as well as reduce the cost of
their print subscription maintenance.

NELINET's three-year agreement with MCB University Press will provide
access to a broad spectrum of New England's academic and academic research
libraries.  Participating member libraries include Babson College,
Bridgewater State College, Boston College, Central Connecticut State
University, Harvard University, Northeastern University, Southern
Connecticut State University, University of Maine, University of Vermont
and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. As Kathryn Poliseno, NELINET's
Coordinator, Consortium Purchasing Program, said, "We were glad to be able
to offer the Emeraldplus consortium proposal to all NELINET member
libraries.  It is part of our mission to help all of our libraries
regardless of their size and scope to reduce costs."

In order to see this Press Release in full or to view MCB's EmeraldPlus
license visit http://www.mcb.co.uk/whatsnew.htm

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