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Re: Andrew Odlyzko's paper on library and publishers

Perhaps the author is referring to the arrangement that the NYU                 
bookstore has with a vendor to manage copyright clearance for                   
coursepacks.  The URL for the bookstore site that describes this                
service is http://www.bookc.nyu.edu/main/text/faculty.html                      

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> From:          Michele Newberry <FCLMIN@NERVM.NERDC.UFL.EDU>
> To:            LibLicense List <liblicense-l@lists.yale.edu>
> Subject:       Re: Andrew Odlyzko's paper on library and publishers
> Date:          Thu, 11 Mar 1999 18:45:09 EST

> On Wed, 10 Mar 1999 20:58:16 EST James G. Dunn said:
> >Dr. Odlyzko's fascinating paper on the possible demise of libraries due to
> >the unfavorable economics in their competition with scholarly publishers
> >does not specifically address advantages that university libraries might
> >derive from coordinated management of copyrights on behalf of faculty
> >authors. I have heard that NYU has such a program and that it has been
> >successful and popular with the faculty. Other schools are at least
> >considering implementing such policies and some may have already done so.
> >It would be interesting to see how pressure applied to the journals'
> >content supply changes the economics of the issue.
> James,
>   Do you have a URL for an NYU site that describes their program for
> assisting faculty with copyright?  Or does anyone else on this list?
>   --Michele
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