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Elsevier E journals and ILL, followup

About a month ago, I asked on this list how libraries were coping with the
Elsevier Science Direct contractual terms for Interlibrary loan, which
require the *lending* library to pay the copyright fees and keep records
by title. There have been a number of responses, privately and on the

For those libraries participating in Science Direct, one or two reported
changing the contract, and the others responding to me all did not use the
Science Direct titles for ILL. No one reported using it.

Of the libraries not participating in Science Direct, this was usually one
of the reasons why they don't, though generally not the decisive reason,
which was usually copnsiderations of cost, value, or doubts about extended

If there is indeed any Science Direct library that does carry out ILL
according to the standard contract, whether satisfied with it or not, I
urge them to let me know and I will forward the information to the list,
mentioning or not mentioning their names, as they prefer.

David Goodman 
Biology Librarian, Princeton University Library 
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