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Ecommerce Workshop

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E-Commerce for Governments, Libraries, Archives & Museums (GLAMs) which
will take place in New York on Friday, April 16, 1999 and in Washington DC
on May 6, 1999.  For further information and to register online, see
http://copyrightlaws.com/sub1.html. Advanced registration and payment is

What will the workshop cover? The basics of e-commerce, an examination of
how GLAMs are selling content and services on the Net, and how GLAMs are
using the Net to promote themselves and thereby indirectly generate
revenue, and how to assess and establish your digital goals to develop
your online and e-commerce strategy. At the end of the workshop, you will
have an outline for your own e- commerce strategy.

An excerpt from the workshop materials:

"E-commerce is a new phenomenon. It's currently being defined and
experimented with by e-vendors, while at the same time being initiated by
e-consumers, the general public. E-commerce is commonly understood as
making money from Web transactions, but it goes much beyond that and is
really about using the Web to make money.

In some circumstances, e-commerce may involve financial transactions that
are conducted electronically. For example, purchasing an image online that
is delivered online to the consumer. Or paying online for parking fines or
registering for a course. In other circumstances, e-commerce may involve
paying online for a product or service that is delivered offline. For
example, purchasing a book, research study or music CD where the purchase
is made online but the product is delivered offline.

In further situations, the transaction may involve marketing or promotion
online while payment or delivery of the product or service is made
offline. For example, a library may promote its research services in its
Web site, however you must telephone the library to make your research
request and pay by credit card on the telephone. Or it may involve online
promotion of your museum or archive which in turn encourages people to
visit you and pay an admission fee or to make a voluntary contribution for
visiting your institution. As e-commerce continues to rapidly evolve, we
see more and more uses of the Internet which help GLAMs and others gain