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Copyright or licensing disputes

Hal Cain of the Joint Theological Library in Australia sends the following
message on behalf of his colleague in New England.

Do direct your responses to the inquirer as he asks, but if you think
that what you have to say is of wider interest to the liblicense-l list,
then please share here as well.

The Moderators

>From hal.cain@ormond.unimelb.edu.au Thu Mar 25 02:37:24 1999
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999 18:36:42 +1000
From: Hal Cain <hal.cain@ormond.unimelb.edu.au>
Organization: Joint Theological Library, Parkville, Victoria, Australia.
To: liblicense-l@pantheon.yale.edu
CC: Jon Cavicchi <JCavicchi@fplc.edu>
Subject: Copyright disputes

I am forwarding this message to the list on behalf of a colleague.  
Please reply directly to him as he will not see responses on the list.

Hal Cain
Joint Theological Library
Parkville, Victoria, Australia

-----Original Message-----
From: Jon Cavicchi [mailto:JCavicchi@fplc.edu] 

Subject: Re: Library acts resulting in cease and desist letters
and litigation

On Friday, March 19, 1999, Jon R. Cavicchi <jcavicchi@fplc.edu> wrote:
I am preparing a presentation to the New Hampshire Library Association
on the topic of copyright and libraries.  I wanted to mention Library
acts which have resulted in cease and desist letters and litigation.  
I have searched legal resources to no avail.  I have spoken to other 
law professors to no avail.  Do you all have facts to share regarding 
cease and desist letters and litigation with public, school and 
academic libraries as a party?

Many thanks for your consideration.