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Licensing for bibliographies

  Thanks again to members of this group who replied to earlier questions
about the electronic Bibliography of Asian Studies.  One more question:
does anyone have a nice sample licensing agreement for bibliographies
rather than full-text databases?  I haven't seen any on the website or
elsewhere; most of the agreements I do see are not so relevant to us.
  Offhand, I don't see much basis for disagreement between libraries and
us as publishers.  The definition of "users" should be the same as for all
IP-address-based internet products, and we don't care much about
reproduction other than prohibiting people using our database to compete
with us.  Am I missing something?  (Price, of course, is a different
  Many thanks,
  John Campbell

John Creighton Campbell, Prof. of Political Science, University of
Michigan, and Secretary-Treasurer, Association for Asian Studies. Tel 734
998 7558; Fax 734 998 7982; Address, Corner House, 202 S Thayer St, Ann
Arbor MI 48104-1608.  
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