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Re: CBC and Liblicense list

Since I'm in the midst of some research involving the correlation of
full-text coverage with ISI's published impact factors, I thought I'd
weigh in here:

> On Sat, 4 Apr 1998, Donna O'Malley wrote:
> 1. University faculty are often evaluated on the number of times their
> publications have been cited. Journal publishers will include in their
> advertising how they rank in ISI's journal rankings (which is based on the
> number of times that journal is cited). Shouldn't these authors and
> publishers be falling all over themselves in their eagerness to get their
> full-text products out there and linked to an online database? 

Yes, but only to the extent that publishing professionals cite online
resources.  My impression is that this is just beginning to happen.  

One would have to correlate online accessiblity with citation impact
factor over several years to determine the influence of full-text
availability on cites.  But even then, for journals whose online version
is intended to mirror the print, it might be difficult to determine
whether the citing writer obtained the article online or in print.  I hope
citation styles will accomodate new media so the medium of the source is
clear to ISI (and everyone else).  Even so, it might be difficult to
isolate online access from other variables influencing impact factor. 

> 2. Why DON'T we see advertising with online journals? I hear that high
> circulation journals like Science are concerned that if their circulation
> numbers drop, their income from advertisers will go down. But what about
> additional revenues from web-based advertising? Advertising is so prevalent
> on the web, except on journal publishers' sites! That seems odd to me. If
> advertisements will get the popular scientific and medical journals easily
> accessible electronically, then put them up.

Ads would be either too intrusive or too easy to ignore.  I suppose the
technology is available to show an ad relevant to the search that's just
been made ["your article brought to you by Generic Controlled Substance,
proud sponsor of the social ills you're researching today"], but that
raises serious privacy issues.

Steve Black
Reference, Serials and Instruction Librarian
Neil Hellman Library
The College of Saint Rose
Albany, NY  12203                                  "Cogito eggo sum"                     (I think, therefore I waffle)
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