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CBC and Liblicense list

Below is a message (forwarded with permission) originally posted to the
CD-Plus list regarding unexpectedly high usage of full text journal articles
linked to the OVID Medline product. The responders to her question all
hypothesize that people will read whatever is easiest for them to get to.
This behavior raises some questions for me.

1. University faculty are often evaluated on the number of times their
publications have been cited. Journal publishers will include in their
advertising how they rank in ISI's journal rankings (which is based on the
number of times that journal is cited). Shouldn't these authors and
publishers be falling all over themselves in their eagerness to get their
full-text products out there and linked to an online database? 

2. Why DON'T we see advertising with online journals? I hear that high
circulation journals like Science are concerned that if their circulation
numbers drop, their income from advertisers will go down. But what about
additional revenues from web-based advertising? Advertising is so prevalent
on the web, except on journal publishers' sites! That seems odd to me. If
advertisements will get the popular scientific and medical journals easily
accessible electronically, then put them up.

>Date: 	Wed, 1 Apr 1998 08:10:14 -0600
>Reply-To: "CDPLUS-L: CDPLUS User Group" <>
>Sender: "CDPLUS-L: CDPLUS User Group" <>
>From: Kathrine MacNeil <>
>Subject:      CBC in academic medical libraries
>To: Multiple recipients of list CDPLUS-L <>
>Good morning, colleagues,
>My question is, how many simultaneous users have you purchased
>for the Core Biomedical Collection database?  Here at the Medical Sciences
>Library at Tx A&M University, we are running Ovid using UNIX, and we have
>two simultaneous users for CBC.  We have logged 241 license exceeded
>messages in the first three weeks of March.  It seems counter-intuitive
>that a general university campus would have this much need for this set of
>15 (mostly) medical journals.  Can anyone think of what may be the reason?
>What am I missing?
>Thanks for your help.
>Kathrine MacNeil  Electronic Resources Coordinator
>Medical Sciences Library   Tx A&M University
>College Station, TX  77843
>   409-845-7439    fax: 409-845-7493>

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