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Science Online

One section of the Science Online license is of particular concern to me and 
I have not seen discussion of it on the list so far.  

Section 8 covers "Forum, 'Chat Rooms' and e-mail/Web Discussion Groups".  It 
asks us to agrree that neither we nor our authorized users will 
"upload to, or distribute ...any content which violates or infringes 
the rights of any persons" and that we will not "upload...any content 
which is libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive or 
otherwise violates any law..."  Elsewhere we must agree that our 
agents will not use the email or discussion group for "solicitation 
of funds, advertising or solicitation of goods and services".  And 
finally we are asked to indemnify AAAS from any actions arising from 
a breach of the agreements contained in this section.

In all of our licenses we are careful to take out any language that 
suggests we can control or be responsible for the behavior of our users.  
We can make reasonable efforts to see that they understand the limitations 
imposed by the license but cannot go beyond that.

I'm interested to know how other libraries have dealt with this 
issue.  So far I've been told that AAAS will consider to amendements 
to the license.  

Joan Grant
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