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Ads in online journals, was: Re: CBC and Liblicense list

I too have never understood this position of some of the publishers.
Clearly, a great many companies do think such ads work, as a startlingly
large amount of money seems to be being invested in the infrastructure and
production of them! As a user, yes, I will read them only if interested,
but isn't that the idea?  If I were an advertiser, I imagine I would be
very aware of the electronic medium's potential for measuring actual
readership-- not just of the publication but the ad itself.  This is not
possible in print, though I know it is attempted with survey techniques. 
We are presumably seeing another instance of the maladaptive conservatism
of the publishing industry. If they remain conservative to the point of
fossilization, we will all lose the benefits we might get from their
further evolution.

Brennan Brian wrote:
> Ms. O'Malley,
> Many publishers doubt the efficacy of online advertising. Some feel it
> doesn't work because people have to "click" on the advertisers banner,
> and most people would rather not volunteer for viewing ads.  All do n

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