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Re: Contracts

I hope you are not being overwhelmed by requests, but I am very interested    
to have the details of your electronic "chart" as we do have Access here.
Many thanks                                                                 
HELEN WALLACE                                                               
Law Librarian                                                           
The University of Western Australia Library                                     
Nedlands, Western Australia, 6907                                             
State Convenor, Australian Law Librarians Group (WA Division)                 
Phone:  (08) 9380 2328                                                   
Fax:    (08) 9380 1081

At 17:42 13/08/97 -0400, you wrote:

>     My answer has been to create an electronic "chart" using Microsoft 
>     Access.  I imagine there are any number of database type programs that 
>     would do the same thing.  It's very simple, actually, but it serves 
>     the purpose for us.  I'd be happy to share the details with anyone who 
>     is interested.  And would also love to hear if anyone has come up with 
>     a better mousetrap!
>     Sarah E. Sully
>     General Counsel
>     JSTOR
>     188 Madison Avenue
>     New York, NY  10016
>     tel: (212) 592-7345
>     fax: (212) 592-7355
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