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Re: Contracts

     There may well be software to help create contracts.  On the storage 
     part of Diane's question, I have tried fairly hard to find what I 
     would call "contract management software."  Soon after I began at 
     JSTOR I ran into a friend who happened (at the time) to be the 
     contract administrator for Radio City Music Hall here in New York.  
     "Arlene, please tell me what contract management software you use!"  
     She looked at me blankly and said that to her knowledge none exists.  
     "So what do you do?" I asked.  "A big chart on the wall."
     Since then I have reviewed a couple of software programs produced for 
     attorneys, but none do specifically what I wanted, namely, enable me 
     to track contracts, especially changes in specific clauses to a form 
     agreement that is getting signed by a lot of people.  (We have over 
     200 participating libraries, each with a signed agreement, and some 37 
     publisher agreements in place.)
     My answer has been to create an electronic "chart" using Microsoft 
     Access.  I imagine there are any number of database type programs that 
     would do the same thing.  It's very simple, actually, but it serves 
     the purpose for us.  I'd be happy to share the details with anyone who 
     is interested.  And would also love to hear if anyone has come up with 
     a better mousetrap!
     Sarah E. Sully
     General Counsel
     188 Madison Avenue
     New York, NY  10016
     tel: (212) 592-7345
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Subject: Contracts
Author: at ~Internet-Mail
Date:    8/11/97 2:53 PM

Has anyone ever done any work on trying to find a piece of software that
will help you create and store contracts.  In otherwords, this software
would store all of the contracts that you created in-house, clause by
clause and also have available to you different types of generic clauses
to use when creating a contract.  I have no idea if there is such a beast
or if I am asking a stupid question.  Thanks!!! 
Diana Robertson, Law Librarian
Manulife Financial - Canadian Operations 
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