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Re: Contracts

    If responding to the request for "contract software" please repond to
the list, or include me in the response. Am very interested in the same
beast, if it exists. 

Heike Kordish, NYPL

Subject: Contracts
From: at ~Internet-Mail
Date:    8/11/97  2:53 PM

Has anyone ever done any work on trying to find a piece of software that
will help you create and store contracts.  In otherwords, this software
would store all of the contracts that you created in-house, clause by
clause and also have available to you different types of generic clauses to
use when creating a contract.   I have no idea if there is such a beast or
if I am asking a stupid question.

Diana Robertson, Law Librarian
Manulife Financial - Canadian Operations
500 King St. North, Waterloo, Ontario
(519) 747-7000 ext. 6240
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