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Re: Contracts

At the Yale Library, the licenses/contracts all pass through one central
office, at least at some point (that of the Associate University
Librarian), and our Administrative Assistant and I set up a simple
FileMaker Pro database to give us information-at-a-glance each of these
licenses.  We decided what fields were important to us (title, producer,
licensor, term of contract, Permitted Users, and so on).  As each contract
is signed, the AA enters it into our FileMaker database.  The purpose of
the database is to inform the library staff of what resources we license,
under what terms.  Note that we do not reproduce language clause by clause
-- we capture the gist of each key or unique term just enough to tell us
what we need to know.  The idea is to promulgate this information online
to our librarians, but that's the part we haven't figured out very well
yet.  It is amazing how diversely and widely useful a good database
software can be.  FileMaker and other such softwares are easy to learn and
use and we use 'em for a number of applications. 

This doesn't answer the question of record-keeping from the producer's
point of view but it does do the job reasonably well for the licensee.

Ann Okerson
Associate University Librarian

> Has anyone ever done any work on trying to find a piece of software that
> will help you create and store contracts.  In otherwords, this software
> would store all of the contracts that you created in-house, clause by
> clause and also have available to you different types of generic clauses to
> use when creating a contract.   I have no idea if there is such a beast or
> if I am asking a stupid question.
> Thanks!!!
> Diana Robertson, Law Librarian
> Manulife Financial - Canadian Operations
> 500 King St. North, Waterloo, Ontario
> (519) 747-7000 ext. 6240

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