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AMICO Documents Available


Please excuse any duplication ...

The Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) is founding the Art Museum
Image Consortium (AMICO). The members of this new not-for-profit
organization will build a shared library of digital documentation of their
collections for licensing and distribution to the educational community.

A formal invitation to form the Consortium was issued by Hugh Davies,
President of the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) on August 7,
1997. Founding Members of AMICO are invited to attend the Consortium's
inaugural meeting, September 22-23, 1997 at the Art Institute of Chicago. 
The founding of AMICO follows a number of planning meetings, where over 70
representatives from art museums in the United States and Canada defined
the terms of their collaboration. Together these museums will build a
shared library of digital documentation of their collections for licensing
and distribution to the educational community. AMICO will build a
collective Library, comprised of multimedia works (at least text and
image)  documenting the collections of its member museums. Products
derived from that Library, which may or may not include value-added
indexing and retrieval tools, will be offered to different markets under
specific licenses and through a number of distribution channels

A set of agreements reflecting this consensus were drafted by Archives &
Museum Informatics, who acted as consultants and facilitators throughout
the AMICO planning process. These include frameworks for organizing the
Consortium, governing its strategic planning, developing a standards-based
approach to the distribution of the AMICO Library, and defining its
products and licenses. Key among these are the draft University and Museum
licenses, that outline the terms under which the library will be offered
to these communities. Next on the licensing agenda is the drafting of K-12
educational and public library licenses, as the museums involved have
active educational programs that are already reaching these communities.
This work will continue in tandem with plans for a testbed distribution of
a significant Library of digital documentation to a limited number of
universities in the Fall of 1998. 

       AMICO's framework documents are now available for public comment at

       Questions regarding AMICO can be directed to:

       Maxwell Anderson
       Liaison for Information Technology
       Association of Art Museum Directors


       Jennifer Trant or David Bearman
       Archives & Museum Informatics or

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Partner and Principal Consultant
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