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Re: Liblicense Guide to Licensing Agreements

The software should be able to assist in drafting licenses for most any
kind of  electronic information, regardless of media.  So you should be
able to use it for licenses covering digital information other than plain
text or databases.  However, the software is intended to cover licensing
agreements for actual information, not for software or computer programs.

As for the discussion on this list, image archives or other kinds of
multimedia information are not meant to be excluded.

Hope this helps.

Rod Stenlake

 oAt 03:53 PM 8/14/1997 -0400, you wrote:
>I am responsible for provincial licensing of media programs (video,
>multimedia, etc)  and instructional computer software programs through an
>agency called Advanced Education Media Acquisitions Centre (AEMAC). 
>Will you be addressing media and multi-media issues as well?  It seems
>that all the work to date on this list relates to database-type licenses
>and not media. Am I correct? 
>Mary Anne Epp
>Director of Contract Administration,		email:
> Library Services				fax:  (604) 323-5577
>Langara College					tel:  (604) 323-5627
>100 W. 49th Ave.
>Vancouver B.C.
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>On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, Ann Okerson wrote:
>> To Liblicense-l Readers:
>> Thanks to a grant from CLIR, the Council on Library Information Resources
>> (funders of the LIBLICENSE project to date), we are pleased to let our
>> readers know that the project continues to develop and in its next phase
>> will make available a software that will support library (and publisher)
>> licensing efforts.  (Perhaps this will be a partial answer to a recent
>> inquiry on this list.)
>> The software, tentatively called "The LIBLICENSE Guide to Digital
>> Information Licensing Agreements," will systematically query librarians
>> (or producers) concerning the details of the information to be licensed
>> and, based on that input, produce a draft license agreement.  That draft
>> license agreement can then be sent to information publishers (or
>> customers) to serve as the basis for further negotiations for license
>> agreements with acceptable terms.  The LIBLICENSE software will also
>> include a complete copy of the material on the LIBLICENSE web site as a
>> reference guide for use in constructing a draft licensing agreement. 
>> Sincerely,  Ann Okerson & Rodney Stenlake
>> For the LIBLICENSE Project

Very truly yours, 

Rodney L. Stenlake
655 Orange Street, Unit 5
New Haven, Connecticut 06511

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