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Re: Re. Hathi Orphans?

Ontological foundation of the universe?  This is very witty, but 
perhaps another explanation (more in keeping with Newtonian 
physics than Einstein's) is simply that these books have gone out 
of print because there was no demand for them and it is a source 
of consternation to many that they are being asked to put their 
attention into things of little or no interest when they have 
many more compelling projects before them.

As for the metaphor of war, I like it.  It makes me feel 

Joe Esposito

On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 3:18 PM, 
<jean.claude.guedon@umontreal.ca> wrote:

> Then, I guess, there is no hope but to prepare for war. When I
> contemplate such a great spirit of compromise, such a wonderful
> sensitivity for the common good hovering over publishers, even
> university presses, then I can only expect bloody battles, lots
> of sound and fury, and multiple displays of collective human
> stupidity. The publisher's role, I thought,could claim some
> degree of importance in some circumstances,, but I had not quite
> understood that it was an ontological foundation of the universe.
> If so, it must bear some relation to dark matter and black
> forces...
> Jean-Claude Guedon
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> Date: mer. 19/10/2011 18:37
> Objet : Re: Hathi Orphans?
> Asking publishers to research old files is asking them to do
> something for which there is no likely economic benefit.
> Publishers are not charitable organizations; they do what they do
> in order to make profits (if they are commercial) or to fulfill
> their missions (if they are non-profit). Doing the kind of
> research you are calling for is no simple, easy, or inexpensive
> task--as those staff can tell you who began investigating digital
> rights for titles they wanted to include under the Google
> Settlement. With that incentive now gone (it would appear), what
> is to motivate publishers to devote time to this task? They would
> not, i can assure you, look favorably upon a proposal to have
> government agents rummaging through their files either!
> Sandy Thatcher