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Re: Future of the "subscription model?"

Is it possible that the more interesting question is whether it 
ought to be, from a public-good perspective?

That would require a new economic settlement for scholarly 
communications, of course. But history is full of new economic 
settlements--some more painful and some less, some more 
successful and some less.

Mark Kurtz

On Oct 24, 2011, at 6:08 PM, Ann Okerson wrote:

> Liblicense-l Readers:  What do you all imagine as the future of
> the "subscription model" for purchasing academic library
> collections?  Is it alive and well and growing or is it on its
> way out, supplanted by memberships, open access, and a growing
> variety of other options for obtaining publications, particularly
> electronic?
> Your thoughts are most welcomed.  Ann Okerson