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Open Access and Peer Review

I'm relatively new to this list, so pardon me if I'm resurrecting 
an old sore subject. But can anyone point me to articles they've 
written/read on dealing with the peer review process in OA 
publishing? Could a scholarly communications librarian/IR manager 
play the part of editor and unite experts in a field for mutual 
review of each other's papers? The SC librarian could act as a 
catalyst in forming these unions-in my experience academics in 
some fields will not band together unless urged to do so (STEM 
specifically) by some force. Has there been anything like this 
emerging from professional organizations that encourage OA 

I would love to hear input on this, though I know it has probably 
been argued to death on this list.

Thanks in advance,
Sabrina McKethan
Stacks Manager
Willis Library