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Re: Open Access and Peer Review

Hi Sabrina

To answer your first question: whatever you find, don't expect it 
to be uniform.  Just as there is no set uniform standard of 
peer-review for Non-OA publishers and journals, so there is no 
set uniform standard of peer-review for OA publishers and 

There was an attempt some years back to consciously link OA with 
non-peer-review in a move to discredit OA.  I'm not entirely sure 
how seriously it was taken, and how widely it was used, but it 
did have some success: from my personal discussions with 
academics, that image does persist, but there is nothing inherent 
in the OA model that either encourages or discourages 
peer-review: it's up to the publisher and journal.



Dr. Ken Masters
Asst. Professor: Medical Informatics
Medical Education Unit
College of Medicine & Health Sciences
Sultan Qaboos University
Sultanate of Oman
E-i-C: The Internet Journal of Medical Education

On 1 October 2011 04:43, McKethan, Sabrina 
<Sabrina.McKethan@unt.edu> wrote:

> I'm relatively new to this list, so pardon me if I'm 
> resurrecting an old sore subject. But can anyone point me to 
> articles they've written/read on dealing with the peer review 
> process in OA publishing? Could a scholarly communications 
> librarian/IR manager play the part of editor and unite experts 
> in a field for mutual review of each other's papers? The SC 
> librarian could act as a catalyst in forming these unions-in my 
> experience academics in some fields will not band together 
> unless urged to do so (STEM specifically) by some force. Has 
> there been anything like this emerging from professional 
> organizations that encourage OA publishing?
> I would love to hear input on this, though I know it has 
> probably been argued to death on this list.
> Thanks in advance,
> Sabrina McKethan
> Stacks Manager
> Willis Library