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Re. Hathi Orphans?

These comments are extraordinary in light of the fact that 
publishers are one of the main protagonists in finding solutions 
to Orphan Works issues.

Take a look at the ARROW Project, for instance - the website is 
here: http://www.arrow-net.eu/

and a recent paper about ARROW is here: 

As some readers of this list may already know ARROW is a 
collaborative European project that enables a diligent search for 
rightsholders and speeds up the process for mass digitisation. 
You'll see from the links above that publishers are active 
partners in this project and have supported, advocated and 
progressed it from the beginning. This is hardly a sign that 
publishers are not making an 'honest effort' to sort out these 
highly important issues.

Victoria Lustigman
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Subject: Re. Hathi Orphans?

This is a marvellous point. If publishers honestly collaborated 
on the task of identifying genuinely orphans, and if they also 
made an honest effort to let go what has no obvious economic 
value (in other words, get rid of the "just in case" mentality), 
we could work together far more harmoniously.

Jean-Claude Guedon

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What makes me wonder is, if the Authors Guild can find owners of 
orphan works so fast why they don't try to collaborate with these 
types of ventures instead of suing them?

Liz Mengel
Associate Director Scholarly Resources and Special Collections
The Sheridan Libraries
Johns Hopkins University