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Re: Oxford Press New Platform for Cross-University Press Monographs

Does UPSO include any content from OUP journals that would be 
cross-searchable with the book content?

Sandy Thatcher

>New York, NY--Oxford University Press (OUP) is pleased to
>announce the creation of a groundbreaking online platform for
>university press monograph content. Having redeveloped the
>award-winning Oxford Scholarship Online, OUP is launching
>University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO) and inviting the
>University Press community to take advantage of a fully enabled
>XML environment with the cutting edge search and discovery
>functionality that has marked the on-going success of Oxford
>Scholarship Online (OSO).
>"University Press Scholarship Online represents a convenient,
>dynamic step forward for ensuring that scholarly content from
>many venerable presses across the globe is conveniently
>searchable and accessible via one platform to the academic
>community worldwide," notes Tim Barton, Managing Director of
>Global Academic Publishing for Oxford University Press.
>Responding to increased demand for online scholarly content, UPSO
>streamlines the research process by making disparately published
>monographs easily accessible, highly discoverable and fully
>cross-searchable via one online platform. Research that
>previously would have required users to jump between a variety of
>books, and disconnected websites can now be concentrated through
>a single search engine.
>First phase of content from participating partner presses include
>Fordham University Press (Fordham Scholarship Online/FSO); The
>American University in Cairo Press (Cairo Scholarship
>Online/CSO); The University Press of Kentucky (Kentucky
>Scholarship Online/KSO); University Press of Florida (Florida
>Scholarship Online/FLASO); Hong Kong University Press (Hong Kong
>Scholarship Online/HKSO); Additional presses are signing up to
>participate and OUP expects to add their content to UPSO in March
>2012.  Edinburgh University Press (Edinburgh Scholarship
>Online/ESO) and Policy Press (Policy Press Scholarship
>Online/PPSO) are just two additional presses slated for the March
>2012 update.
>UPSO's mission is to create an individually-branded home for
>monographs from each participating university press just as it
>has done for Oxford Scholarship Online while allowing highly
>intuitive tools to deep search across all the content in the
>program. As such, UPSO will be the premier online research
>tool-for scholars, teachers, graduate and undergraduate
>students-and an essential resource for all academic libraries.
>Oxford Scholarship Online was launched in 2003 and immediately
>hailed as "A superior e-book implementation" by Booklist, and
>"For ease of use, user-friendly design, and quality texts, Oxford
>Scholarship Online is among the best I have ever used" by Library