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RE: Oxford Press New Platform for Cross-University Press Monographs


Thanks for the question. Not sure if you are asking if we are 
only connecting to other OUP products, but I'll give you more 
detail (maybe a little more than you bargained for, but I thought 
it important to elaborate a bit).

UPSO does not "include" journals content - it exclusively 
includes monographs from the partner presses, including Oxford. 
However, one of the more exciting developments to the platform is 
still yet to come - contextual linking, thanks to extensive 
metadata tagging, across the entire range of Oxford's online 
products (reference, lexical, journals, bibliographies, 
distributed resources) through the "Oxford Index", a free 
resource (website and a toolbar on existing sites) we are 
building right now, available in beta before year end.  We also 
are building functionality that will allow libraries to choose 
other resources to send searches out to from UPSO/Oxford Index 
(Journal sites, ebook platforms, reference sites), really letting 
the library customize the experience for the end users of their 

The animating impulse behind UPSO is about providing end-users 
with peer-reviewed, quality long-form scholarship from University 
Presses, and that's what the platform has been built to serve. We 
also want to make it easy to connect to other resources the 
libraries offer, and will be continuing to work on making these 
connections as seamless as possible.

Kurt Hettler, Director of Distribution Services 
(kurt.hettler@oup.com) can take specific questions offline from 
other Press personnel, and I'd be happy to field any questions 
from libraries.

Rebecca Seger
Director, Institutional Sales, Americas

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Does UPSO include any content from OUP journals that would be 
cross-searchable with the book content?

Sandy Thatcher

>New York, NY--Oxford University Press (OUP) is pleased to announce the
>creation of a groundbreaking online platform for university press
>monograph content. Having redeveloped the award-winning Oxford
>Scholarship Online, OUP is launching University Press Scholarship
>Online (UPSO) and inviting the University Press community to take
>advantage of a fully enabled XML environment with the cutting edge
>search and discovery functionality that has marked the on-going success
>of Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO).
>"University Press Scholarship Online represents a convenient, dynamic
>step forward for ensuring that scholarly content from many venerable
>presses across the globe is conveniently searchable and accessible via
>one platform to the academic community worldwide," notes Tim Barton,
>Managing Director of Global Academic Publishing for Oxford University
>Responding to increased demand for online scholarly content, UPSO
>streamlines the research process by making disparately published
>monographs easily accessible, highly discoverable and fully
>cross-searchable via one online platform. Research that previously
>would have required users to jump between a variety of books, and
>disconnected websites can now be concentrated through a single search
>First phase of content from participating partner presses include
>Fordham University Press (Fordham Scholarship Online/FSO); The American
>University in Cairo Press (Cairo Scholarship Online/CSO); The
>University Press of Kentucky (Kentucky Scholarship Online/KSO);
>University Press of Florida (Florida Scholarship Online/FLASO); Hong
>Kong University Press (Hong Kong Scholarship Online/HKSO); Additional
>presses are signing up to participate and OUP expects to add their
>content to UPSO in March 2012.  Edinburgh University Press (Edinburgh
>Online/ESO) and Policy Press (Policy Press Scholarship
>Online/PPSO) are just two additional presses slated for the March
>2012 update.
>UPSO's mission is to create an individually-branded home for monographs
>from each participating university press just as it has done for Oxford
>Scholarship Online while allowing highly intuitive tools to deep search
>across all the content in the program. As such, UPSO will be the
>premier online research tool-for scholars, teachers, graduate and
>undergraduate students-and an essential resource for all academic
>Oxford Scholarship Online was launched in 2003 and immediately hailed
>as "A superior e-book implementation" by Booklist, and "For ease of
>use, user-friendly design, and quality texts, Oxford Scholarship Online
>is among the best I have ever used" by Library Journal.