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Re: Hathi Orphans?

This finding of the study is particularly interesting:

>*The type of publisher had a large impact on whether works were 
>orphaned, with self-published works accounting for 51% of all 
>orphan works in the study.

Since the fastest-growing segment of publishing these days is 
self-publishing, it would appear that we are going to be seeing 
an increasing number of orphan works in the future, not fewer.

Sandy Thatcher

>I must again correct Mr Guedon, hopefully for the last time over
>this matter.
>ARROW has the full support and engagement of the Federation of
>European Publishers, the Italian Publishers Association, The
>Publishers Association (UK) and the Publishers Licensing Society
>(UK), which alone has mandates from almost 3000 UK-based
>publishers, along with around twenty European library and
>collective rights organisations. On that basis I do feel that I
>was entitled to speak on behalf of "the" publishers and not just
>"some" publishers.
>The original ARROW project came to a successful conclusion in
>April this year, successful in the sense that it has established
>a pilot operation and proof of concept. Work has now begun on
>ARROW Plus to extend this work to a wider repertoire, more
>countries in Europe and a wider network of potential databases
>for diligent search.
>Perhaps the model also has application outside the European
>Victoria Lustigman
>Head of Communications
>The Publishers Association Limited
>29B Montague Street