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Re: Publisher pricing freezes for 2010 - Information sought

Karen Albert schrieb:

> Does anyone have a list of STM publishers who have committed to 
> no price increases (or actual decreases) for at least some of 
> their journals for 2010? MLA's Scholarly Communications 
> Committee is collecting a list of these publishers. We'd be 
> happy to share this information once it's compiled. See below 
> for the publishers we are aware of so far.  Please direct any 
> additional publisher information to me. Thanks very much.
Here is another one (Press release of June 10, 2009)

M. E. Sharpe freezes online subscription prices for 2010 and 
announces preservation agreement with Portico 

"In consideration of the major budget constraints facing 
libraries this year, M.E. Sharpe, Inc. has frozen prices for 
online subscriptions in 2010. Price increases for print (plus 
online) will be minimal, ranging from 0 to 4%, with the majority 
of M.E. Sharpe's 38 titles at 2% or less."

Best regards,
Bernd-Christoph Kaemper, Stuttgart University Library