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RE: Publisher pricing freezes for 2010 - Information sought

The price freezes listed so far will provide a welcome relief 
towards what will be a very difficult forthcoming fiscal period. 
However, most are from smaller publishers of which expenditure is 
a small proportion of a large research library's overall budget.

The question is, will we see similar announcements from large 
publishers such as Elsevier, Springer and Wiley-Blackwell?

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Subject: Publisher pricing freezes for 2010 - Information sought

Does anyone have a list of STM publishers who have committed to 
no price increases (or actual decreases) for at least some of 
their journals for 2010? MLA's Scholarly Communications Committee 
is collecting a list of these publishers. We'd be happy to share 
this information once it's compiled. See below for the publishers 
we are aware of so far.  Please direct any additional publisher 
information to me. Thanks very much.

Publishers committing to no 2010 increases (or decreases) for at
least some of their journals:

ASM (American Society for Microbiology)

*American Mathematical Society

Annual Reviews

***European Endocrinology Societies --Price freezing on selected
individual titles for libraries that can commit to continuing to
subscribe for 2010-12


National Academy of Sciences - PNAS

Oxford U. Press: there will be no increase in the online only
price between 2009 and 2010 for the majority of our journals.

Rockefeller U. Press


Karen Albert, MLS, AHIP
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