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Re: 8-10 percent discount - kudos!

Dear Heather,

please note that SAGE's e-only offer is neither new nor does it 
mean that SAGE will actually lower prices for 2010 compared to 
2009. To the contrary, SAGE journal prices increase by 4% on 
average, and typically 8% for journals with an increase in 
frequency or no. of issues published (e.g. Textile Research 

That said, this is of course better than the meager 5% discount 
offered now (after so many years with no e-only offer at all) 
finally by IOP Publishing, when AIP or APS are able to offer 20% 

Bernd-Christoph Kaemper, Stuttgart University Library

Heather Morrison schrieb:

> Congratulations to SAGE for showing some real leadership in 
> moving to e-only - AND, lowering prices!
> Q. Is there a discount offered on an e-access subscription 
> rate? A. Yes, SAGE offers an 8% discount off the Print-only 
> rate and a 10% discount off the Combined (Print & E-access) 
> rate.
>>From the SAGE press release, as reported on Liblicense:
> http://www.library.yale.edu/~llicense/ListArchives/0907/msg00083.html
> Note:  print costs are at least 20-30% of total publishing 
> costs. The SAGE discount is most welcome news and definitely a 
> step in the right direction - but a leadership position in 
> appropriately discounting with a move to e-only is still very 
> much open.
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