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Re: Publisher pricing freezes for 2010 - Information sought

Karen Albert schrieb:

> Does anyone have a list of STM publishers who have committed to 
> no price increases (or actual decreases) for at least some of 
> their journals for 2010? MLA's Scholarly Communications 
> Committee is collecting a list of these publishers. We'd be 
> happy to share this information once it's compiled. See below 
> for the publishers we are aware of so far.  Please direct any 
> additional publisher information to me. Thanks very much.
At least an honorable mention deserves Geological Society (UK) 

US and ROW subscription prices for the society's key titles

- Journal of the Geological Society
- Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology
- Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis
- Geological Society of London Special Publications

actually marginally decrease by a few USD in subscription price 
for 2010, if one compares "Plus-level" access (Print for current 
volume plus full archive). However, "current" level access (4 
year rolling archive only), that allowed a 5% ... 20% reduction 
in price has been abandoned (so libraries that had chosen this 
option, actually will see a price increase). Instead, e-only 
access (full archive) has been introduced as a new option, with a 
5% price reduction compared to "Plus-level" access for libraries 
willing to move to e-only.

The Lyell Collection complete (in 2009 incl. the 4 above 
mentioned titles plus Memoirs, Transactions, and Engineering 
Geology Special Publications) is getting considerably expanded 
for 2010 (new to it are Proc Yorkshire Geol Soc, Scottish J Geol, 
Petroleum Geol Conf) and as a result slightly increases by 4.6% 
to US$ 7348 (libraries that subscribed to these titles before, 
actually will save money); the newly offered e-only option, 
however, is at US$ 6998 still cheaper than the 2009 price at 
"plus level" (US$ 7026, current level access wasn't available in 
2009 for this package).

Source: http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/gsl/publications/journals

P.S.: price increases for EU countries are - unfortunately - 
4...6 % higher.

Best regards,
Bernd-Christoph Kaemper, Stuttgart University Library