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RE: digest 1053/Harvard Business Review


Harvard Business Review has exclusive deal with Esbco and the full-text
version is probably only available to academic institutions on Ebsco's
Business Source Elite.

The D-Lib magazine had an article on this at
http://www.dlib.org/dlib/july01/bell/07bell.html.  The article did not
mention the name of the vendor that got the exclusive contract, and I
found out it is Ebsco.

http://hbr.newsstand.com/ seems to be for personal and corporate

As I mentioned in an earlier message to this listserv, exclusive deals
like HBR (or pulled out and only available on publishers site like the
Sage titles) are the trend of online full text resources, and I believe it
not only hurts libraries and users, but also, in the long run, hurts
publishers and authors as well, because the more exclusive deals there
are, the less likely the periodicals will be used/cited by our current
"cut-and-paste-generation" library users.  And eventually, many well-known
and key titles may become little known and little used by the future

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