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RE: Serials Payment Dates

Dear Mr. Ryan,

You may be the wrong individual to answer my question, but I hope you will
pass on my message to the correct person.

Our institution has the opportunity to apply for funding from a federal
granting agency.  As part of the grant, we would ask for funding for
Science Online for a group of Nebraska libraries:  University of
Nebraska-Lincoln (20,260 fte), University of Nebraska at Omaha (11,429
fte), University of Nebraska Medical Center (2,600 fte), and Creighton
Medical Center (2,019).

Creighton Medical is a private institution, the other three are State
institutions.  Is a consortium such as this permissible with Science?
If so, could you give me the pricing information we could expect to see 
for 2004?  If only 2003 is possible right now, please supply that.  We'll 
adjust our numbers for the grant.

Thank you very much,

Judy L. Johnson, Chair
Acquisitions Dept.
University Libraries
University of Nebraska-Lincoln       Phone: 402-472-3938
PO Box 880410 ; 13th & R Sts       Fax: 402-472-2534
Lincoln, NE 68588-0410                e-mail: jjohnson3@unl.edu