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Re: big deal

It is no advantage to be able to cancel titles if you must pay for them
anyway. Trudy, I think you mean that while you can't cancel, you can
substitute. Most contracts I've seen provide for getting out of the
contract altogether, if you prove you can't afford it, but not that you
can reduce the amount of the contract.  Or am I misinterpreting?

Trudy_Gardner@rush.edu wrote:

> First of all, I must tell you that your premise is false.  You actually
> may (grammar) cancel titles.  The point is that you agree not to drop
> below X dollars in your contract.  However, even then there is the
> possibility of writing the ability to reduce subscriptions in the contract
> if a given institution must reduce the library's budget because of more
> general budget constraints,
> Regards,
> Trudy Gardner, Ph.D.
> Assistant Dean for Educational Resources, Director
> Library of Rush University
> Chicago, IL