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Re: big deal

	I strongly suspect your terms are pretty much the same as they
offer to everyone. As you say, One percent isn't very much -- depending on
the journal, it can be half a journal a year for even a very large
library. Being able to exchange one journal for another is not what I call
cancelling--but I do agree that it is a good feature and one we plan to
make use of.

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On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Tom Williams wrote:

> We have it in our Science Direct and other agreements that we can cancel
> all or some titles if budget problems mandate it.  Also, we can eliminate
> up to 1% of our total amount spent each year.  Not much and for us comes
> to about 1 title per year.  Still it's something.  How restrictive or not
> your license is can depend very much on how well you can negotiate and how
> much clout your institution or consortia has.  Another reason why my
> mantra continues to be "develop national guidelines for licensing."  MLA,
> SLA, ALA, et al, where are you?
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