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IOP adopts OAI technical framework

*Apologies for cross posting*

On behalf of the Institute of Physics, I'm pleased to announce our recent
implementation of the Open Archives Initiative technical framework for our
Electronic Journals service (http://www.iop.org/EJ).

As you may know, the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) 'develops and promotes
interoperability standards that aim to facilitate the efficient
dissemination of content'.  The key standard promoted by the initiative
focuses on content providers making metadata records available in a common
format - the Dublin Core Element Set. We are pleased to confirm that we
have adopted this standard here at the Institute and metadata records for
our article abstracts are now available in this format.  They can be
'harvested' from our server on request.

This news will be of interest to a range of individuals and organizations
including the E-Print community, fellow publishers and A & I service
providers.  It is also relevant to you if your institution subscribes to
our journals and you wish to harvest our abstract data with a view to
loading it locally and/or adding elements of it to your OPAC.

If are interested, please contact custserv@iop.org in the first instance.

Further information on the Open Archives Initiative can be found online at

Kind regards,

Lucy Pearce
Senior Product Manager
Institute of Physics Publishing