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Cal State and netLibrary.com

Another citation.. Several of you wrote that you couldn't make the earlier
URL work, and neither can I, now.  But here's WiredAsia with the same
story, at:


There is also a piece on the Chronicle Online, I believe. Ann Okerson


The Library That Keeps On Giving 

By M.J. Rose

2:00 a.m. Aug. 21, 2001 PDT

California's state university system has written a new chapter in how to
lend e-books.

Working with NetLibrary, the Cal State system will lend e-books to an
unrestricted number of borrowers at one time -- a significant change in
how subscription models generally work.

Previously, a single copy of an e-book bought for an electronic-library
could only be borrowed by one reader at a time -- just like a print book.
But an the arrangement with NetLibrary, half of the 1,500 e-books Cal
State has purchased - at no additional cost -- will have unrestricted use
for multiple borrowers.

Libraries hadn't been exerting enough influence over the evolving e-book
industry, said Evan Reader, of the CSU Chancellor's Office. "They accept
what's put on the plate," Reader told the Chronicle of Higher Education.
"We don't want to do that."

The Cal State system has 23 campuses and 370,000 students. "I suspect
(NetLibrary) went along with it because of our size," Reader said.