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Re: Cal State and netLibrary.com

Can someone at Cal State clarify whether netLibrary is now allowing
multiple simultaneous users of their copyrighted e-books?  If so, is there
a cap for simultaneous usage?  In the past, netLibrary has cited
agreements with publishers in explaining the one-user-at-a-time rule.  
Have they changed these source agreements?

Or, does the article refer to multiple simultaneous users for netLibrary's
public domain titles -- which has been their usual practice.

Cecelia Boone
MINITEX Library Information Network


At 03:39 PM 8/28/01 -0400, Ann Okerson wrote:
>Another citation.. Several of you wrote that you couldn't make the earlier
>URL work, and neither can I, now.  But here's WiredAsia with the same
>story, at:
>There is also a piece on the Chronicle Online, I believe. Ann Okerson