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Re: New England Journal of Medicine: a response regarding access policy

This message was posted by Ovid to its "whatsnew" list.  It seems NEJM
will continue to be availabe, but has refused Ovid access to its pdf

"At the request of the Massachusetts Medical Society, the New England
Journal of Medicine can only be offered as an individual title on
Journals@Ovid. Therefore it has been removed from the Core Biomedical
Collection (CBC). Be advised that Ovid is still able to offer customers
who renew their subscription to this collection continuous full text
access to NEJM. However, all new CBC customers are required to purchase it
as an individual title. There are no plans to remove this title from the
Journals @ Ovid system.
In July, again at the request of the publisher, all the links to the PDFs
for all articles in the New England Journal of Medicine issues were
removed from the Journals @ Ovid system. The SGML format of the full text
is still available, along with all other functionality, including robust
linking, integration with almost 500 other journal titles and an
award-winning easy-to-use interface.
We hope to continue our working relationship with the Massachusetts
Medical Society, and provide our customers with the premier content they
have come to expect from Ovid."