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RE: Academic Press IPL

We are struggling with the same issue.

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> From:	Jean Gilbertson [SMTP:jgilbertson@library.wisc.edu]
> Sent:	Thursday, July 19, 2001 7:04 PM
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> Subject:	Academic Press IPL
> The University of Wisconsin-Madison does not participate in a consortial
> license for the Academic Press IDEAL titles.  Our campus has had no online
> access to AP titles.  We get some requests from faculty, but always for
> the same few titles, like JMB, Analytical Biochemistry, Virology.  The
> sort of titles that we view as high priority for licensing.
> Last fall, AP announced a new licensing option called IPL (Institutional
> Publications License).  We were interested because IPL lets us select the
> titles we want.
> For those of you unfamiliar with IPL, here's a pricing example and some
> other info:
> The electronic/print combo price for JMB for 2001 is $7700 for 1 user,
> $9240 for 2-5 users, or $12,320 for unlimited users.  A print subscription
> costs about $5,000, so the cost of adding unlimited online access
> (standard for most ejournals we license) is over $7,000 per year!  And it
> is my understanding that IPL subscribers do not receive either use
> statistics or exclusion statistics.  So it's impossible for a customer to
> evaluate how often users are rejected by a 1 user license.  And there's no
> permanent access to a backfile.
> Please let me know if your institution has evaluated the IPL option for
> any AP titles.  Has anybody gone this route?  You can respond privately to
> me.
> Thanks, Jean Gilbertson
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