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RE: Two articles on aggregator exclusivity deals and embargoes

I think this is explained by the fact that Krumenaker was talking about
EBSCOhost as a whole.  Academic Search Premier got all the embargoed stuff
loaded on it, whereas stuff like World Magazine Bank presumably doesn't
feature many embargoed titles.  So the proportion of embargoed titles in
ASP is higher than for the whole of EBSCOhost.

Of course, World Magazine Bank isn't exactly an academic database...

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Mr. Krumenaker's conclusion in "A Tempest in a Librarian's Teapot" that
Ebsco's full-text embargo rate is 18% appears to be at odds with studies
posted earlier on this list-serv.

The following breakdown is taken directly from Ebsco's full-text title
list for Search Premier dated May 2001:

Total Full-Text Articles - 3,175

Titles with 3 month embargoes - 145

Titles with 4 month embargoes - 3

Titles with 6 month embargoes - 219

Titles with 9 month embargoes - 5

Titles with 12 month embargoes - 1,211

Titles with 18 month embargoes - 16

Titles with 24 month embargoes - 6

Titles with 36 month embargoes - 2

Total titles with embargoes 3 months or longer - 1,607

Percentage of titles with embargoes 3 months or longer - 50.6%

I would be interested in learning how Mr. Krumenaker arrived at his

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