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RE: Two articles on aggregator exclusivity deals and embargoes

Mr. Krumenaker's conclusion in "A Tempest in a Librarian's Teapot" that
Ebsco's full-text embargo rate is 18% appears to be at odds with studies
posted earlier on this list-serv.

The following breakdown is taken directly from Ebsco's full-text title
list for Search Premier dated May 2001:

Total Full-Text Articles - 3,175

Titles with 3 month embargoes - 145

Titles with 4 month embargoes - 3

Titles with 6 month embargoes - 219

Titles with 9 month embargoes - 5

Titles with 12 month embargoes - 1,211

Titles with 18 month embargoes - 16

Titles with 24 month embargoes - 6

Titles with 36 month embargoes - 2

Total titles with embargoes 3 months or longer - 1,607

Percentage of titles with embargoes 3 months or longer - 50.6%

I would be interested in learning how Mr. Krumenaker arrived at his

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Subject: Two articles on aggregator exclusivity deals and embargoes

I read with interest the recent thread on this list about aggregator
exclusivity deals and embargoes, and how this impacts on access to
database content. I would agree with all those who think this is a serious
issue, one that requires our attention - not apathy.

For that reason I draw your attention to two recently issued articles.
Both are available in full-text format on the web. As the author of one my
intention is not to publicize my work, but rather to generate more
awareness of the exclusivity and embargo issue to a larger audience. My
article, which I believe will add some perspectives on this issue that did
not come out in the listerv postings, is found at:

It appears in the latest issue of D-Lib Magazine as an opinion piece. In
my conclusion I call for a forum that would bring together the
aggregators, publishers and librarians to discuss the issues and to
determine if there is a way to move away from exclusivity deals and
embargoes, for reasons detailed in the article. I would hope that such a
forum could be organized at a major library conference to reach the
greatest audience. If anyone who follows this list the has the right
connections or knows someone who does, and is interested in pursuing this
idea I would like to hear from you.

The other article appeared in Searcher magazine at
http://www.infotoday.com/searcher/jul01/krumenaker.htm This one is called
"A tempest in a librarian's teapot." It's an interesting choice of title -
but you should read it and draw your own conclusions. For my part, I
titled my article, "The New Digital Divide" because I see this exclusivity
and embargo practice leading to some pretty scary outcomes for us and our

You'll also find links to these articles, together, in a posting on Gary
Price's weblog at http://resourceshelf.blogspot.com - look under postings
for Thur. July 19.

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